Sunday, October 14, 2007

Item of The Day - Vintage Green Sweater Coat

This Sweater Coat is our item of the day. As Winter sneaks up on us, prepare for the cold days with this cozy and stylish greenest sweater coat!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Vintage 60's Plaid Wool Pocket Skirt

Picture 1 - The Weekend - So pretty, so soft, and so elegant, yet such a simple mix with a black ballerina suit that features 1/2 sleeves so you're balances out when you put on the black, below the knee all black riding boots. Accessories are a must - 2 simple long necklaces sure will stand out on top of the black suit.
Picture 2 - The Party - Sexy pink flowy pale pink lace strap top will look amazing with the plaid skirt. Darker color wide waist belt and same color stilettos will sure make people's heads turn as you work your way through the crowd at a party, club, or a date.
Picture 3 - The Office - Wear a all white short or long sleeve dress shirt, the one pictured has balloon sleeves. Slip on a pair of gray stockings (yes, gray), black pumps and a black necklace. I chose a necklace that has a round shape on it, so it plays a bit with the plaid straight lines in the skirt. Neat, isn't it?

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Vintage 60's Jumper Apron Mini Dress

Picture 1 - Head Turner - The jumper mini dress has got attitude and style already, with just a white tank top underneath and white pumps with a little black or white head band you're on your way to take on the day.
Picture 2 - Just Sexy - Here our model is wearing a lingerie jumper suit piece in a lipstick red color with kimono sleeves an matching pumps. Perfect little pull for a night out on the town.
Picture 3 - Study much? - White thigh high stockings, cute bow ballerina flats, and a sweater collar dress top is the perfect mix for your fall look as you hop your way through to the next boring class, but you'll be anything but boring!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Vintage 50's Cropped Picnic Print Blouse

Coming soon!
Picture 1 - Crisp it up - Put on a very dark and crisp pair of wide legged denim jeans, red pumps, red belt, and not much of anything else is needed because this dress is hot! This outfit is perfect for a night out with the girls!
Picture 2 - Be as cute as a button - Surprise the boyfriend at the office and bring have a picnic lunch in this tier white skirt. I believe you should hike up the dress to the hem of the blouse because, after all, you're going to the office!
Picture 3 - A-ha, sexy! - Black pencil dresses are a must in everyone's closet, but this checker picnic blouse is a want in every girls closet. This outfit reminds me of a busy bee looking too good to be a busy! You know, the one who gets everything done yet she manages to look the best she can?

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Vintage 60's Emerald Diamond Mod Dress

Picture 1 -
Mind your own business - This one will be great to wear to the office. A sleeveless white dress collar shirt will do with a gray pencil high waist skirt so the hem of the dress shows at the bottom with peep-toe shoes!
Picture 2 -
Anything but plain - The dress is good enough on it's own, just wear black stockings with black high heels! If you're bored, put on a black waist belt or a black, long necklace.
Picture 3 -
Mellow Out - Relax and slip on a pair of your favorite skinny jeans, flat shoes, and a messenger bag!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Vintage 60's Vanity Fair Slip Dress

Picture 1 - Modern colors - Slip on a light weight tank top, one with a low enough neckline to show off the bust lace of the dress! Match it up with a pair of footless stockings and same color shoes, and you're set to turn heads.
Picture 2 - Bold in gold - Such a simple mix, but you'll look so elegant! Perfect little mix of gold touches with a thinner high waisted gold belt, black pumps with a gold bow, and a gold clutch purse!
Picture 3 - Cozy it up - Throw yourself in some brown riding boots and match it up with a brown belt. The belt does not have to be the same color brown as the boots if you put on a lighter cream colored sweater as pictured. Now who said black and brown don't mix?