Saturday, September 1, 2007

Vintage 50's Cropped Picnic Print Blouse

Coming soon!
Picture 1 - Crisp it up - Put on a very dark and crisp pair of wide legged denim jeans, red pumps, red belt, and not much of anything else is needed because this dress is hot! This outfit is perfect for a night out with the girls!
Picture 2 - Be as cute as a button - Surprise the boyfriend at the office and bring have a picnic lunch in this tier white skirt. I believe you should hike up the dress to the hem of the blouse because, after all, you're going to the office!
Picture 3 - A-ha, sexy! - Black pencil dresses are a must in everyone's closet, but this checker picnic blouse is a want in every girls closet. This outfit reminds me of a busy bee looking too good to be a busy! You know, the one who gets everything done yet she manages to look the best she can?

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