Sunday, September 9, 2007

Vintage 60's Plaid Wool Pocket Skirt

Picture 1 - The Weekend - So pretty, so soft, and so elegant, yet such a simple mix with a black ballerina suit that features 1/2 sleeves so you're balances out when you put on the black, below the knee all black riding boots. Accessories are a must - 2 simple long necklaces sure will stand out on top of the black suit.
Picture 2 - The Party - Sexy pink flowy pale pink lace strap top will look amazing with the plaid skirt. Darker color wide waist belt and same color stilettos will sure make people's heads turn as you work your way through the crowd at a party, club, or a date.
Picture 3 - The Office - Wear a all white short or long sleeve dress shirt, the one pictured has balloon sleeves. Slip on a pair of gray stockings (yes, gray), black pumps and a black necklace. I chose a necklace that has a round shape on it, so it plays a bit with the plaid straight lines in the skirt. Neat, isn't it?

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