Saturday, August 25, 2007

Vintage 60's Vanity Fair Slip Dress

Picture 1 - Modern colors - Slip on a light weight tank top, one with a low enough neckline to show off the bust lace of the dress! Match it up with a pair of footless stockings and same color shoes, and you're set to turn heads.
Picture 2 - Bold in gold - Such a simple mix, but you'll look so elegant! Perfect little mix of gold touches with a thinner high waisted gold belt, black pumps with a gold bow, and a gold clutch purse!
Picture 3 - Cozy it up - Throw yourself in some brown riding boots and match it up with a brown belt. The belt does not have to be the same color brown as the boots if you put on a lighter cream colored sweater as pictured. Now who said black and brown don't mix?

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